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This page requires a personal identification that can be found on each email that we send you.
If you have clicked this location, and you get this error, please make sure to paste the entire line into the location box of your browser. Sometimes the location is wrapped over several lines.

If you do not know the location, you can request an email that will tell you what it is. Please enter your email in the box and click "Continue"



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PRIVACY POLICY: Tis a gift to be simple... We will use your information only to contact you regarding MGOF business, according to your preferences. Your contact information will be included in Quaker directories ONLY if you have given your permission via your preferences. Your contact information will NOT be otherwise shared or sold.

You can modify your preferences using the link at the bottom on any MGOF email you receive.

If you have questions or concerns, contact the MGOF Email List Manager:
Geoff Poole -- gpoole (at) eco-metrics dot com